Intuition: A Different Dimension Computing

Ever walked into a room and had this nagging feeling that something is wrong? Or have you found it near impossible to stop thinking about someone, just to get an unexpected phone call from them? Can you predict the weather better than local news team? Or you have a knack for language that defies all logic and reason?

Each one of us- the people and the individual is a charming and creative, always in the discovery of our own potential and capabilities. We utilize and stretch us to break new ground and goals; every once in a while, however, to break their own imaginations, see and experience what we might term the super-human. But our intuition is anything but unusual or superhuman; infact it is the essence of our makeup as human beings.

So what really is intuition? Essentially, intuition is our ability to process information outside of our wakefulness. Our mind works like a supercomputer, with our intuition running backdrop- constantly picking up on clues, stimuli and information usually too subtle for our attention and awareness. This information, like the information we consciously process, allows us to better grasp and respond to our environment, situation or person. Because this happens outside of our conscious awareness, we can not always possible to determine exactly how we arrived at our conclusions, knowledge and understanding, but the process is as natural to us as breathing itself.

For long science has discussed the value of intuition and related phenomena. But with it being so one interesting accounts and examination questions are not as much about whether intuition exists as how it works. Here, too, research has been to demonstrate the ability of our brain to process information beyond waking consciousness, opening the field wide open to debate, theories and ideas. Whether science will always find a satisfactory answer, our intuition continues to educate our choice of emotions, reactions and impressions on people and the world around us. From gut instinct to remarkable insights, we continue to bring new dimensions to our understanding and experience our environment through our intuition.

But like every other muscle in your body and every aspect of our existence, the more attention we give to our intuition and the more we exercise it, the sharper it gets. Instead of brushing it off as mere pointless ramblings of unengaged mind, pay attention to the whispers of our intuition can help clear and clean out the insights our channels. Whether focusing on gut feelings or listen to your intuition to advise on decisions, the more you practice connect with your intuition, the better you get to bring their gifts in life.

Meditation is a great way to optimize our intuition. Take time out to clear and calm the mind, helps to hear our intuition and voice- even their first protest their own reasoning and our logic can not adequately explain their intuitive awareness of our findings.

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